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FAQs for the Promotion (Inspiring Entrepreneurship)

1. Who can participate in this promotion?

This promotion is open to the first 1000 entrepreneurs who build an online store or website using the Shopmatic platform & fulfils all our conditions, between the period of 17 July – 16 Aug 2017.

2. Do I need to have a registered business to avail this offer?

This offer can be availed by all types of entrepreneurs, big & small, operating a legal business. No business registration information will be required.

3. What are the 8 steps I need to complete to qualify for the promotion?

The 8 steps required to qualify for this promotion are things that will make your online store or website a professional showcase of your business are;
1. Upload a logo for your business
2. Design a complete Homepage
3. Update the About Us page
4. Update the Contact Us page
5. Update the FAQ page
6. Upload at least 5 products
7. Enable Payment Gateway
8. Enable Shipping

4. I don’t sell anything online but want a website for promoting my services – can I participate in this promotion?

We have several professionals offering services such as yoga classes, photography services, baking services, artists showcasing their work, etc using our platform to build an online presence. All such entrepreneurs are welcome to participate as well. Just make sure that you complete the 8 steps needed to build your complete website. For step 6 (Upload at least 5 products) we encourage you to upload details of your business (packages you offer, showcase samples of your work, etc).

5. How long is the promotion available?

This is a limited time promotion, available only from 17 July – 16 August 2017.

6. When will I get the reimbursement?

All subscribers to the annual plan who complete the 8 steps and publish their online store before 16 August 2017 will receive an email from us with full details on the reimbursement plan.

7. Are there any conditions or hidden fees chargeable?

There are no hidden conditions or fees chargeable on this promotion beyond what is stated. For more information, call our customer support at 1 800 103 5373 (India)

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