Please find below the steps to connect a domain name purchased from GoDaddy.
1. From Dashboard, go to Setup, and then Domain
2. Domain page will load, click on “Connect a custom domain”
Inline image 2
3. If customer has bought a domain name from GoDaddy, simply enter the domain name in the top field and click on “Connect”
Inline image 4
4. A GoDaddy window will pop up, customers will need to sign in to their GoDaddy account
Inline image 5
5. After Signin In, immediately below image will be displayed, click on “Connect”
Inline image 6
6. Success Message, customer can close the window.
Inline image 7
7. When customers come back to the platform, they will see the success message, they will need to click on “Go to Domain settings”.
Inline image 8
8. After clicking on “Go to domain settings” they will need to change the primary domain from the free subdomain to the custom domain.
Inline image 9
9. Click on the drop down, and select the custom domain name, and click on “Save”
Inline image 10

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