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FAQs on Shopmatic World

What is it & how it works

1. What is Shopmatic World?
  • Shopmatic World is a collection of the best in class Shopmatic stores who have;
    • innovative and original products
    • well designed, ecommerce store
    • ability to accept and fulfil both domestic and international transactions
  • Every store will be supported with a dedicated page to enable visitors to learn more about their story and dive into their product catalogue.


2. How will my business benefit?
  • Your business will get more exposure, attract potential partners and buyers who will buy from your online store, from the global visitors of Shopmatic World.


3. How will visitors find my store?
  • Visitors will be redirected to your own Shopmatic store when they click on a product. They will add their items to their shopping cart, and complete the full checkout process directly from your online store.   


4. How will visitors buy from my store?
  • The visitors are directed to your online store when they show interest in knowing details about the products. Therein they can continue shopping to add more products to their cart, place the order and complete the checkout process including payments and selecting delivery methods.


5. How long can I be listed on Shopmatic World?
  • There is no limit to the period of time you can be listed on the platform.
  • During the introductory period until 31st March 2019, participation in Shopmatic World is by invitation only.
    For more details contact a Shopmatic Ecommerce Consultant: 

    Chat now, or call us;
    For Singapore call ShopSupportSG, +65 6871 8745
    For India call ShopSupportIN, 1800 103 5373
    For Hong Kong call ShopSupportHK, +852 5801 9745


Payments & Charges

6. Are there any charges to list on Shopmatic World?
  • During the introductory period until 31st March 2019, there are no fees & charges for listing on Shopmatic World.
  • Changes to this policy will be communicated to you in advance via the email ID you have registered with Shopmatic.


7. Will there be any transaction fees on Shopmatic World?
  • During the introductory period until 31st March 2019, no transaction fees will be applied by Shopmatic on store orders made by visitors from Shopmatic World,
  • Changes to this policy if any, will be communicated in advance via the email ID you have registered with Shopmatic.
  • Transaction fees & charges applied by partners linked to your store will continue as per their terms.


8. Why must my store have international payments & logistics partners enabled?
  • Shopmatic World is a market neutral platform attracting visitors worldwide.
  • All stores listed on the platform have the opportunity to attract sales from this visitor pool.
  • To fully benefit from this opportunity, international payments and logistics partners enable your store to accept and fulfil orders worldwide.


9. Why must I have WhatsApp or FB messenger enabled on my store?
  • New customers may often have specific queries before they place an online order. Chat tools will allow store owners to engage with potential buyers easily and immediately, helping to convert buyer interest to sales.


10. How will customer disputes on orders, payments, returned goods, etc be managed?
  • Customer checkouts will happen on your own online store and will be subject to the Terms and Conditions set at your store. Shopmatic World and or Shopmatic will not be liable or involved in resolving any customer disputes.
  • To avoid and manage customer disputes, it is recommended to place comprehensive store policies on, payments, logistics & shipping, returns and refunds in easily visible menu tabs such as FAQs, T&C or Shipping Returns.


11. Can I unlist my store from Shopmatic World?
  • Yes, you may remove your store from Shopmatic World at any time with an instruction via email, from the email id registered with Shopmatic.


12. What happens if I unpublish my Shopmatic store?
  • When you unpublish your Shopmatic store it will also be fully unlisted from Shopmatic World (no visibility of a dedicated store page or in the product category).
  • To list back on Shopmatic World, you Shopmatic store must be published again. Your re-listing on Shopmatic World may experience some delay.


13. What happens if I cancel my Shopmatic subscription?
  • Upon cancellation of your subscription, your store will be immediately unlisted from Shopmatic World.
  • Shopmatic World will only list subscribed Shopmatic stores.


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