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Shipyaari shipping rates

The Shopmatic Shipyaari aggregated solution provides you with multiple logistics companies for domestic shipping such as FedEx, DotZot, SpeedPost, Gati, Vxpress, and Bluedart. (These are the preferred shipping companies on the Shopmatic platform, to access full shipping providers from Shipyaari, please log in to Shipyaari dashboard directly)

View the full Shopmatic Merchant – Shipyaari rates here

Zoning Knowledge:

Zone 1 = Intra-City: Pick-up & delivery within city which are considered as Metro.
Zone 2 = Intra-Region: Pick-up & delivery within your own region (north / east / west / south / north-east).
Zone 3 = Other Metros: Pickup from your city to any metro (other than yours, in case).
Zone 4 = Inter-Region: Pick-up from one region & delivery in another region (north / east / west / south / north-east).
Zone 5 = North-East: Pick-up from any 4 other regions (north / east / west / south) & delivery in north-east.

To know which cities are covered under which Shipyaari zones, click here

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