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FAQ on Shopmatic World

What it is & how it works

  1. 1. What is Shopmatic World?

This exclusive new platform is a collection of the best in class Shopmatic stores who have been exclusively selected on the criteria of;

  • having innovative and original products and
  • having a well designed, fully ecommerce enabled Shopmatic store

Every business listed on Shopmatic World will be supported with a dedicated store page for visitors to learn more about their story and dive right into their product catalogue.

  1. 2. How will my business benefit by listing on Shopmatic World?

You can make your online store discoverable by visitors across the globe through Shopmatic World. It will add a valuable new online sales channel for your business.

  1. 3. How will visitors find my store on Shopmatic World?

Visitors will discover your store products under the appropriate product categories. Some stores may also be periodically showcased on the home page to draw more attention.

  1. 4. How will visitors buy from my store?

Visitors will be re-directed to your own Shopmatic store when they click on a product. They will add the item to the cart, continue shopping and complete the full checkout process on your online store.

  1. 5. Will there be a lot of competition in my product category?

We will maintain a good balance of stores in each product category to offer a variety of browsing options for the platform visitors. To make the platform more appealing to repeat visitors, we reserve the right to expand the store listings.

  1. 6. How can I list my store?

By logging in to your Shopmatic account, you can click on the top left corner to access the drop-down menu. Click on the Shopmatic World tab, and submit your application there.

Your store has to meet the following criteria;

    1. 1. Store must be fully designed and no unedited sections or layouts must be visible on any page.
    2. 2. Store must include a page on Shipping & Returns policies
    3. 3. Store must have at least one chat tool integration for buyer engagement – either WhatsApp Messenger or Facebook Messenger
    4. 4. Store must have at least one payment solution enabled to accept buyer orders.
      (Stores offering an online payment solution to facilitate a better buying experience for their customers may receive priority approval to list.)
    5. 5. Store must have at least one logistic solution enabled to assure buyers of a delivery method.

Store approvals may take up to 2 weeks after your online submission.

  1. 7. Are there any restrictions to list on Shopmatic World?

Stores selling any items stated on the list of Prohibited items, given in our Terms of Service, will not be accepted on Shopmatic World. These include but are not restricted to products such as;

  • Brand counterfeits
  • Ingestible health supplements and remedies with no legal substantiations
  • Any form of illegal services, etc.

You may refer to Shopmatic’s full Prohibited Products List here.

Payments & Charges

  1. 1. Are there any charges to list my store on Shopmatic World?

Stores on the subscription pricing model can list on Shopmatic World for the full duration of their subscription plan, at no extra charges.

Stores on the Transaction pricing model can list for up to a year, with an annual listing fee.

  1. 2. Will there be any transaction fees on orders received via Shopmatic World?

There will be no additional charges or fees applied by Shopmatic World for orders received on your store via the platform. However, any fees charged by partner services such as payment and logistics for order fulfillment will apply as normal.

For stores on the Transaction pricing model, the 3.5% transaction fee will apply as normal.

  1. 3. Why must my store have international payments & logistics partners enabled?

Your store will be discoverable by buyers across the world through Shopmatic World. We recommend that stores on Shopmatic World be equipped to accept online payments and offer multiple delivery options (eg. for Singapore sellers – with real-time, dynamic delivery charges) to fully realise sales conversion benefits from the additional store visitors they will receive due to the listing.

  1. 4. Why must I have WhatsApp Messenger or Facebook messenger enabled on my store?       

New customers may often have specific queries before they place an online order with you. These chat tools will allow them to connect with you easily and receive quick responses –  giving them the confidence to complete the checkout.

  1. 5. How will customer disputes on orders, payments, returned goods, etc be managed?

All customer checkouts will happen on your own online store and will be subject to the Terms and conditions set on your store. Any customer disputes that arise will be resolved solely between your store and the customer. Shopmatic will not be liable or involved in any way.

Comprehensive store policies that are easily accessible to visitors in menu tabs such as FAQs and Shipping Returns will help your business to avoid and/or resolve customer disputes on orders, payments, returns or refunds with ease.

  1. 6. Can I unlist my store from Shopmatic World at any time?

Yes, you have the choice to withdraw from Shopmatic World at any time. To unlist your store, please send an instruction via email to shopsupport@goshopmatic.com.

  1. 7. What happens if I unpublish my Shopmatic store?

When you unpublish your Shopmatic store it will also be fully unlisted from Shopmatic World (no visibility of a dedicated store page or in a product category). To list back on Shopmatic World your Shopmatic store must be published again. Re-listing on Shopmatic World is not guaranteed, and stores may be subjected to go through the application process again.

  1. 8. What happens if I cancel my Shopmatic subscription?

If you cancel your Shopmatic subscription your store can continue to list on Shopmatic World by paying an annual listing fee (to be introduced).

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