Facebook Pixel

When enabling Facebook Pixel for your online store you are establishing a relationship directly with Facebook and are subject to their terms & conditions. All fees & charges quoted by Facebook are payable directly to them. Any transactional and operational queries that happen on the Facebook platform should be referred to Facebook directly. Any queries about Facebook Pixel on the Shopmatic platform, will be resolved by your dedicated Ecommerce Consultant.

Facebook Pixel

Is an analytics tool that helps measure the effectiveness of your advertising. Use Facebook Pixel to better understand the actions people are taking on your website and reach the audiences that you care about. Click here to learn in-depth about Facebook Pixel.

By installing Facebook Pixel on your Shopmatic platform, it allows you to track your marketing efforts on Facebook through to your Shopmatic store. This will allow you to see different events and behaviours of your customers, such as when they add a product to the cart, start the checkout process or complete a purchase.

How to Enable Facebook Pixel

Use Shopmatic’s Facebook Business Extension to easily create and install a Facebook Pixel on your Shopmatic webstore.
Please click here to find out how to use the Shopmatic Facebook Business Extension.

Events tracking:

These are the six trackable events that occur on your Shopmatic webstore using Facebook Pixel, this will help you to see which of your Facebook campaigns are working best and allow you to get the best return on investment for your marketing efforts. The items being tracked are:

1. View content: Every time a customer comes from Facebook and lands on your store.

2. Add to cart: Every time a customer arrives on your shopping cart page.

3. Initiate check out: Every time a customer adds some of their information on your check out page.

4. Lead: Every time a customer inputs their email address in your shopping cart.

5. Make purchase: Every time a customer completes a purchase and reaches the “Thank you” notification.

6. Complete registration: Every time your customer completes hits the payment step after entering their details.

Now that you have your Facebook Pixel tracking installed on your Shopmatic webstore, you can better utilise Facebook advertising, just make sure to track your campaigns with your Shopmatic Pixel ID.

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