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FAQ on Shopmatic

Basic Introduction

1. What is Shopmatic?

Shopmatic is an eCommerce platform that anyone can use to build their online presence. With Shopmatic, you can create a simple and great-looking website or even a fully functional eCommerce webstore that is integrated with Payment solutions, Social Media, Custom Domain Name solutions, Marketplaces, Logistics and more.

2. How do I know if Shopmatic is meant for me?

Shopmatic is meant for anyone wanting to sell online – from individuals with an idea to existing brick-and-mortar businesses to businesses with a minimal online presence.

3. How do I use Shopmatic?

Shopmatic is a cloud-based platform. This means that you don’t need to install or download anything. You will also be able to access your Shopmatic store anywhere with internet access. Simply visit our homepage at www.goshopmatic.com to get started with us.

4. What do I need to start my online business?

All you need to start your online business with Shopmatic is to have product pictures and a description of your product or service. To subscribe for a Shopmatic subscription, you only need a credit card/debit card.

5. Can I choose how my store will look?

Yes, you will have full control over how your store looks. Shopmatic’s platform has flexible templates that you can easily customise to create your unique webstore.

6. Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you can use your own domain name so long as you own it and have access rights to it.

Please note: If Shopmatic has purchased a domain name on your behalf, the domain will remain with Shopmatic in the event of your account being canceled.

7. What languages are supported with Shopmatic?

The Shopmatic platform is delivered in English. However, as you build your store, you will be able to input other languages so long as your computer or keyboard allows you to type in it.

Shopmatic’s Platform

1. Why does Shopmatic talk about webstores- isn’t it just a website?

With Shopmatic, you can build so much more than just a website! Shopmatic enables the entire ecosystem for your online business to be successful. This includes having a shopping cart function, accepting online payments, having integrated logistics and having the ability to manage products across multiple social sites.

2. Do I need a technology background to use Shopmatic?

No, you do not need any technology background to be able to create your webstore on Shopmatic. Shopmatic is built around allowing you to be your own webstore designer with the freedom to change things around as and when you see fit. However, if you are a developer and wish to add custom CSS, you will also have this option available to you.

Please note: Shopmatic will not be able to provide any technical support for any custom CSS made.

3. Can I try the Shopmatic platform without committing?

Signing up for the Transaction model allows you to create and operate your online store with no upfront payment. In this pricing model, only a 3.5% transaction fee will be charged weekly on all orders.

Account Information

1. Can I change my mobile phone number?

Your mobile phone number is the unique identification tagged to your account which has been verified with an OTP (One-Time-Password) upon sign up. You may change it at any time with a re-registration process involving an OTP (One-Time-Password).

2. Can I change my email address?

Yes, you can. Your account actually has two email settings.

1. Shopmatic login email:
Is where Shopmatic and if you have enabled any of Shopmatic’s partner services such as Payment or Logistics, this email is where all communication to you will be made.
(An example of such emails are system triggered emails, reset password, invoices, account verification and etc.)

So it is important to ensure that a working and valid email address is used.

2. Notification emails:
Is where all your customer/buyer sales,orders,refunds and etc notifications to you will be made.
(By default, the Notification emails is set to your Shopmatic login email address, however you may choose to use a different email for your Notification emails if you choose so)

To access changes to your email settings:
1. Simply login to your Shopmatic account
2. Click on the top left corner and the main menu will drop down
3. Select Profile & Billing, and click on My profile
4. The Shopmatic login email and Notification email settings can be found in the My account column.
5. Remember to click on Save on the top right corner after making any changes!

3. What is my Shopmatic Account ID?

Your Shopmatic Account ID is a 5 digit number.

To locate your Shopmatic Account ID:
1. Simply login to your Shopmatic account
2. Click on the top right corner icon.
3. Select Profile & Billing, and click on My profile
4. Your Shopmatic Account ID is stated in the same row as “My account”

Shopmatic Services

1. How much does it cost to use Shopmatic?

We have 2 pricing models for you to choose from.

  1. Transaction pricing model (by default): A 3.5% transaction fee is charged weekly on all orders.
  2. Subscription pricing model: Choose from our 3-month, 6-month or 12-month plans which offer many benefits such as saving on the transaction fee to help manage your cost of doing business.

Click here and to view our pricing page.

2. How can I pay for a subscription plan?

You can pay with a Credit or Debit card. We accept all major Credit and Debit cards (American Express is temporarily unavailable).

In India, we also accept payments via PayTM wallet, UPI and netbanking.

3. How do I change my subscription plan?

This is easily done on your Billing page. Simply select your new desired plan and the updated end date will be displayed.

4. Do I have to renew my subscription to the same plan each time?

We place no restrictions on your subscription renewals. You can freely move from a lower plan to a higher plan at the time of renewal.

5. How will I be invoiced for a subscription?

Your invoice will be sent to your registered email ID.

Please note: A reminder will be sent to your email 7 days before your next subscription is due.

6. How can I cancel my subscription?

Cancel your account at the Profile & Billing page of your account. This will move you to the Transaction model by default.

Please note: when you cancel your subscription, your account will be moved to the Transaction pricing model.

Please note: Shopmatic does not provide any refunds.

7. Can I take a new subscription if I have canceled a subscription earlier?

Yes, you can take a new subscription plan at any time after spending some time on our Transaction pricing model. You are also free to choose a subscription plan different from your earlier plan to suit the current needs of your business.

Please note: Any transaction fees owed must be settled completely before your account can be upgraded from the default Transaction model to the Subscription model.

8. How will I be invoiced for transaction fees payable?

Your transaction fee invoice will be sent to your registered email ID.

9. When will I start getting transaction fee invoices?

For customers on the Transaction model, the first transaction fee invoice is raised 7 days after your store’s first order.

10. How frequently will I get transaction fee invoices?

Transaction fee invoices are raised weekly, consolidating the chargeable fee on all store orders for the previous week.

11. How do I pay transaction fee invoices?

You can pay with a Credit or Debit card. We accept all major Credit and Debit cards (American Express is temporarily unavailable). In India, we accept payments via PayTM wallet. Recurring fees are auto-deducted using the same payment method use for the settlement of the first invoice.

12. As a merchant if I cancel an order can I get a refund on the transaction fees paid?

We recognize that order cancellations and refunds may sometimes occur in business operations. In such instances, a 50% rebate is allowed on the transaction fee linked to the order amount canceled or refunded to your buyer. The rebate can only be offset against future transaction fees owed to Shopmatic.

Please note that the purchase of other Shopmatic services such as a subscription or a custom domain cannot be offset by transaction fee rebates.

13. In how many days do I have to make payments for the transaction fee invoices?

Weekly Transaction fee invoices must be settled within 5 days of the invoice date.

14. What happens if I am unable to pay a transaction fee invoice within the due date?

Transaction fee invoices that are not paid by the due date will attract additional weekly processing charges. Click here to view the table of charges listed in our Terms of Service.

Continued non-payment may lead to disruption of the Shopmatic service.

15. Can I get a custom domain from Shopmatic?

Yes, you can secure a custom domain for your store in 2 ways;

  1. 1. Buy it directly from your Shopmatic account from the Domain settings page.
  2. 2. Get a custom domain free of charge (first year only), when you subscribe to a six-month or twelve-month Subscription plan.
  3. (Only one free domain name will be provided per account).

16. What happens if I have a dispute or query about my account?

Feel free to reach us via chat for assistance from one of our Ecommerce Consultants, available 6 days a week during our support hours. Or you can also email us your query anytime at ShopSupport@goshopmatic.com.

17. I am already a subscriber. Will I have to pay a transaction fee also?

If you are a subscriber, you will not have to pay any transaction fees to Shopmatic.

If you choose to cancel your subscription, you will automatically be downgraded to the Transaction model where the Transaction fee will apply.

Please note: Third party provider fees may still apply. For example, payment gateway fees, shipping fees.

18. My subscription should have auto-renewed but it did not, why?

Subscription auto-renewals may be impacted by any one of the following reasons;

  • The payment method you have used for the subscription may require the input of an OTP to allow the auto-renewal – please check for notifications from your payment service provider and proceed with the auto-renewal.

  • The credit card or debit card used for the subscription may have expired. Please update a new, active card to allow the auto-renewal to go through.

General Queries

1. Why do I have to give a phone number?

The mobile number acts as a unique merchant ID for your account with us. It has been validated via an OTP process and linked to your account to facilitate enhanced security. From time to time, you may receive information about opportunities or transaction activities on your account.

2. Why do I have to give an email address?

The primary email address serves as our main communication line to you. All invoices and important notifications will be sent to you via email only.

3. Can you design a webstore for me?

Shopmatic provides easy to use ready-made templates for you to build your own webstore. Shopmatic does not design custom made webstores for customers.

Should you require additional help with services such as copywriting, product photography, graphic design, etc, we may occasionally offer such services at an additional cost. To enquire, please send an email to ShopSupport@goshopmatic.com  

4. Can you customise features/functions for me?

Currently, Shopmatic cannot customise any functions or features on your webstore for you. However, Shopmatic is constantly looking for ways to improve and any feedback from you would be greatly appreciated to make our services even better. If you do have a feature you would like us to consider adding, please drop us an email at ShopSupport@goshopmatic.com.

Webstore Management

1. What do I do when I get an order?

When you get an order, you will be notified through an email. You can get additional details about the order by logging into your Shopmatic account.

Once the order is ready to be shipped, you can schedule a pickup with the enabled Logistics partner. After the order is picked up for delivery, the buyer will be notified with a tracking code to trace their order in transit with the Logistics partner.

2. Do I need to integrate with a Shipping/Logistics partner?

Shopmatic has partnered with certain logistics providers to offer shipping solutions at a preferred rate. However, if shipping is not required for your business, you do not have to enable the logistics partner.

Please note:  While Shopmatic will help create an account with our logistics partner, your use of their shipping services is solely between you and the logistics provider. If you have any issues with your use of the shipping services, you should refer them to the logistics provider directly. Click here to view our list of partners.

3. How do I activate my Shipping/Logistics partner?

Simply click on ‘enable’ and follow the simple steps.

Please note: Each partner may have their own onboarding requirements and steps.

4. Do I need to integrate with a Payments partner?

If you want to offer your customers the ability to pay you online using options such as credit cards, debit cards or mobile wallets, you should integrate with a payments provider. Shopmatic has partnered with certain payment providers to offer payment solutions for your domestic and international payment needs.

Please note that while Shopmatic will help you create an account with our partners where feasible, the use of their services is solely between you and the partner. Any issues you may have with the services of the partner must be referred and resolved directly with them.

Offline payment methods can also be enabled such as Cash on delivery or Customized payment instructions (via an editable offline payment information window) for your store.

To create a more sophisticated webstore, we suggest you have multiple payment options available so that your buyers have a variety of payment methods.


1. How do I activate my Payments Account?

Simply click on ‘enable’ and follow the simple steps.

Please note: Each partner may have their own onboarding requirements and steps.

2. Why are my buyers getting declined?

There are multiple reasons why buyers may get declined. For example, they could have a bad credit history and this may be the payment provider’s way of protecting you. It could also be something as simple as the buyer having reached their card limits. The main thing to note here is that the reasons may not be anything to do with you. If you feel that this is happening to the majority of your transactions, you may want to contact your payments provider directly, for further investigation.


1. What is the benefit of having my own webstore? I can just use marketplaces

There are multiple benefits of owning your own webstore. For example:

  • Communicate directly with your customers: This means that you can drive repeat customers to come back to your site.
  • Build a brand: In a marketplace, customers are looking for products, which makes it probably harder for them to remember your brand – especially if they are looking for generic products.
  • Customize a webstore to differentiate yourself.
  • Not be limited by the rules of the marketplace. For example, you can create your own loyalty program.
  • Attract customers from all over the world. With Shopmatic, we have everything you need to enable you to sell locally as well as internationally.

Have your own webstore as well as a list on other channels like marketplaces. It will maximise your traffic and allow you to do all the above!

2. What is KYC for and why do I need to provide so many documents?

KYC stands for ‘Know Your Customer’. It is a requirement from the regulatory bodies to collect information before the Payment or Logistics services are provided to you in full.


1. Can I list my products on other sales channels from my Shopmatic store?

We offer integration between your Shopmatic store and the popular social selling channel of Facebook. By enabling this integration you can establish a social media presence for your business which includes setting up a business page, creating a Facebook shop, direct syncing of your product listing onto the  Facebook shop and setting up ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

We also offer direct sync between your Shopmatic store and our exclusive selling platform, Shopmatic World. Click here for more details about Shopmatic World and how to list on it.

2. How do I upload my products on other channels?

When you upload your product images and details on your Shopmatic store these listings will be displayed automatically on the selling channels that you have enabled, subject to their approval procedures.

Please do note that Shopmatic is not responsible for the channels that you list or the activities on other channels.

3. What is the benefit of listing on other channels?

Listing on other selling channels helps drive more customers/ visitor traffic to your business.

4. Feedback

We really appreciate any feedback to help us improve. If there is something we could do better or something that you really love about us, please do us a favour by writing to us at ShopSupport@goshopmatic.com.

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