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Postcode Whitelist/Blacklist Feature

1. What is the purpose of the feature?

Allows merchants to manage (include and exclude) postcodes that they can receive orders from

2. Who can use this feature?

Merchants who are interested in the following:

– Perishable products: Groceries, vegetables, etc. that should be delivered to nearby areas with shorter delivery TAT

– Eateries: Opens a new dimension for merchants to accept orders only within the city. Ex. bakeries, dessert shops 

– Hyperlocal: Merchants who are interested in accepting hyperlocal orders from select postcodes only

– Shipping Costs: Control order prices because of high shipping costs involved in sending parcels to far off places

3. What are the changes in the MCP (merchant) side?

Merchants can choose one of the two options:

Option 1: Accept orders from only selected postcodes

Merchants can upload a list of postcodes they will accept orders from. Please note that orders from postcodes not mentioned in the uploaded list will be rejected.

Option 2: Reject Orders from selected postcodes 

I.e., merchants can upload a list of blacklisted postcodes where orders from these postcodes will be rejected. Please note that orders from other postcodes not mentioned in this list will be accepted.

4. Where can I see the settings for this feature?

Postcode checker will be visible in the shipping options pages. https://myshopmatic.com/manage/shipping_options

5. What are the changes in the webstore side?

When the feature is enabled, buyers can see the ‘Check Delivery Postcode’ field in the webstore. Upon entering their delivery postcode, the buyer immediately gets the response confirming the merchants willingness to deliver to their postcode area.

Places where buyers will be notified of the delivery areas acceptance / rejection on webstores:

  1. Product List page
  2. Product Details Page
  3. Checkout Page
6. Who all can access this feature?

Merchants from only India can access this feature. Merchants associated with other countries will not be able to use this feature for now.

7. Is it applicable to domestic or international orders?

This feature works with only domestic orders for Indian users initially.

8. Is it a free or paid feature?

It is a free feature available for all the users in India only.

9. Can I disable / enable this feature as per my wish?

Yes. Please go to the shipping page (https://myshopmatic.com/manage/shipping_options) and then enable/ disable the feature as per your needs. Changes might take some time to reflect.

If you enable this feature successfully, then changes associated with webstore will also enable for your webstore.

If you disable this feature, then changes associated with webstore will not be visible on your webstore, and you will have to reupload the CSV postcodes again.

10. Where can I find a list of postcodes in India?

A comprehensive list of India postcodes can be found from this Indian Government Website

11. What happens when I upload two consecutive CSV files?

The latter CSV file will override the data that was previously uploaded. Please note that the data will not add on to a previously uploaded CSV file.


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