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  1. 1. What is Shopmatic Pay?

Shopmatic Pay is a new seamless payment offering from Shopmatic and Matchmove to help merchants with digital payments.

  1. 2. Who can enable this feature?

Currently, merchants in Singapore can enable this feature. However, it will be released to other countries soon.

  1. 3. How do I sign up for Shopmatic Pay?

Simply fill the mandatory fields required to create your account on Shopmatic Pay such as first name, middle name, last name, etc. And complete the verification process.

  1. 4. How is verification done for a Shopmatic Pay sign up?

For merchants in Singapore, there are two types of verification services that are available: Myinfo and Onfido. You can choose any of these trusted identity verification services to verify your account.

  1. 5.  Between Myinfo or Onfido, which verification option should I choose?

You can select any option for completing the verification. However, to get complete verification faster it is recommended to use Myinfo.

  1. 6. How can money be added into my Shopmatic Pay account?

Currently, only direct bank transfers are supported. You can transfer funds from any Singapore bank account to your own Shopmatic Pay account using the account number, holder name associated with Shopmatic Pay. Soon more options will be made available

  1. 7. Where can I use the virtual card provided to me?

Virtual cards are powered by Mastercard. You can use this virtual card across Mastercard network across the country. You can also further choose to tokenise the virtual card inside Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and subsequently use it for POS payments.

  1. 8. Can I make international payments using Mastercard?


  1. 9. Can I see my transaction history?

At the moment, transaction data history is not available for the merchant to view. However, it will be added to the product quite soon.

  1. 10. Can I pay Shopmatic using the virtual card?

Yes you can pay any merchant including Shopmatic through the virtual card. Shopmatic will offer exclusive offers and benefits if you pay via Shopmatic Pay card

  1. 11. Are there any transaction limits? If yes, how much?

Yes there are transaction limits associated with your account. You can spend a maximum of $1000 on a daily basis, $5000 on a weekly basis, and in total can maintain a balance of up to $20,000.

  1. 12. Where will Shopmatic Pay be available?

Currently, Shopmatic Pay as an offering is available for web and mobile web users. It will be added to mobile apps quite soon.

  1. 13. Are there any cashback?

Get 0.5% cashback on eligible transactions, please click here to find out more

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