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Chat Selling – Social checkout link (single product)

As a social seller, you will be able to share a checkout link that contains a single product easily from the Shopmatic app to Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social apps. Multiple buyers can tap and open the checkout link and place orders.


Share your link anywhere: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp groups, Emails, or Websites. Your customers can simply click to make an order.

1. Open Shopmatic App

2. Under Products, tap the share icon.

3. Tap Send checkout link

4. Share the checkout link via your favorite social app to your buyers!






No. Social checkout link works only for an individual product.


Yes. As a Buyer I can select the variant, and quantity of the individual product.


Use the same link to collect multiple orders, easy customer info collection via form, Less drop off rate, collect payments easily.

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