Training Sessions

Shopmatic offers expert one-to-one training sessions to users on a variety of ecommerce related topics. They are served as 30 min sessions that can be pre-scheduled with our ecommerce experts. In each session the merchant can have an in-depth conversations to get guidance on practical information on how to get things done as well as insights for future leverage, on the topic of their choice.

A range of topics are offered in these training sessions;

  1. a. Optimized usage of our platform
  2. b. Enablement of partner services such as payments and shipping & logistics
  3. c. Understanding marketing and business growth opportunities using Social Media and Digital Marketing

Subscribers of Shompatic can avail up to 4 sessions of complimentary Training sessions with our ecommerce each month. The sessions can be easily pre-booked via a calendar from the comfort of their own Shopmatic dashboard. They can choose from a wide variety of more than a dozen different topics for each session. At the pre-appointed time-slot our ecommerce expert will reach out to the user for a session on the chosen topic. Topics can also be repeated any number of times by subscribers to gain maximum value from this complimentary support.

Other users of Shopmatic can also access training sessions with our ecommerce experts at affordable rates, payable in their own local currency. A smaller selection of pre-curated topics are available from purchase easily from within their Shopmatic dashboard.

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