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Webstore Layout Design

To help get you started, Shopmatic offers a collection of more than 70 stunning design templates from which you can choose to build your  webstore, including fashion, urban living, and sports.

Use these templates to better reflect the nature of your business, as they are specifically designed to  suit your industry. For instance, bigger image boxes are featured in design templates for fashion so consumers can easily view your products, while subtle colours are used in designs for websites featuring business services.

You can start building your  webstore with the design templates and further customise the designs according to how you want your brand to stand out.

All  webstores created on Shopmatic are search engine optimised or “SEO” friendly. This ensures that your online business is more likely to show up on search results and viewed by more  people.

Webstores also are “responsive” so they will adapt to any screen size your customers use to visit your website. The Shopmatic platform ensures your product images and information are displayed just as beautifully on any smartphone or tablet, as they do on a desktop or laptop.

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