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What is Shopmatic Webstore?

Creating your online store has never been easier, Shopmatic provides you with the entire ecosystem to sell online. Create your webstore in minutes with pre-designed templates, multiple payment and shipping options, social and chat commerce and many more features.


All the feature you need in one platform, our intuitive site editor tool allows you to easily set up and customise your store, without any technical, coding or design expertise.

  • Integrated ecommerce solutions
    -Enable multiple payments and offer instant shipping solutions
  • Exclusive selling platform
    -List on Shopmatic World, a unique platform to enable discoverability of your store to buyers worldwide
  • Secure checkout
    -256-bit SSL encryption ensures the connection between your customer’s browser and your website is secure
  • Interactive chat tools
    -Offer instant customer service with popular tools like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to close sales

Create a great first impression, sell jewellery, groceries, food, pottery, electronics, baking skills, photography or anything out of the ordinary. Choose from over 60 plus templates to create a webstore for your business.

Make it easier for your customer to pay you, give your customers a seamless shopping experience by enabling various domestic and international payment options.

Ship your products anywhere in the world, Shopmatic has integrated with multiple domestic and cross-border shipping partners to enable you to ship your products anywhere in the world.

Get discovered on Google Spot, Shopmatic merchants have the exclusive privilege of being discovered by millions of shoppers on Google Spot in India.

Six simple steps to start selling via Shopmatic Webstore
  1. 1. Select a store design
  2. 2. Add products that you want to sell
  3. 3. Enable payments to collect money from customers
  4. 4. Enable shipping to deliver your products
  5. 5. Review business name
  6. 6. Go live with your site!

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