The Shopmatic ‘Customers‘ page is where you can find your customer related details such as; Contact information, Historical orders, Order status and etc.

This page can be accessed by clicking on the Main menu / Home and then on Customers option.

On the Customers page, you will see the list of all your customers based on their Last order date.
You will be able to Export all your customer data via a CSV by clicking on “Export to CSV”. You can also search for a customer via their name or email address.

Your customer data will be split into two tabs, “All customers” and customers who have specifically requested to continue receiving marketing materials from you under “Opted in for Marketing”.

You will see an option for the “Abandoned checkout recovery” feature. The details of this feature can be found here.

All customers tab

Will show you the main details of your customers, their Name, Email, Phone, Last order amount, last order date, and also if they have opted in for your marketing initiatives.

If you click on the name of a customer, you will be able to see more details about the particular customer like their name, email, phone number, shipping address, and also the historical transactions of the customer.

What are the different Payment status;

1. Fully paid / Partially paid: If the customer selected to pay you via a Shopmatic integrated payment solution. In some rare occurrences, the payment status will reflect as partially paid, when this happens, you would need to log in directly to your payment solution account for more details.
2. Cash on delivery: If the customer selected Cash on delivery when checking out.
3. Offline payment: If the customer selected Offline payment when checking out.
4. Cash: If the order was created via ‘Create instant order’

What are the different Order status;

1. Processing: When an order has been received, by default the order status will be “Processing”
2. In transit: If you have enabled a shipping solution, and have scheduled a pickup, the order status will automatically update to “In transit”
3. Delivered: When the product has been delivered to the customer via a Shopmatic integrated shipping solution, or by manually marking the order status as “Delivered”
4. Cancelled: When you have Cancelled an Order.
(Once a product has been delivered, it cannot then be marked as Cancelled)

What are the different Actions;

1. Cancel: To cancel an order, if the order was paid via a Shopmatic integrated payment solution, cancelling the order within the same calendar day will automatically refund the buyer.
2. Refund: To refund the customer, this option is only available if the order was completed via a Shopmatic integrated payment solution.
3. Schedule pick up: If you have enabled a Shopmatic integrated shipping solution
4. Shipping label: To print the shipping label, this option is only available if you have a Shopmatic integrated shipping solution.
5. Print Invoice: To print the invoice
6. Mark as delivered: To manually mark an order as delivered.

Opted in for marketing

On this tab, you would see only customers that have opted in for marketing, this happens during the checkout process, if they had selected the option “Keep me informed on offers or promotions”.

Also, if you have a Newsletter sign up form on your Shopmatic webstore, the customer details will be collected on the Opted in for marketing tab too.

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